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Managing your notifications and alerts

BlackBerry Work
provides a number of automatic indicators and alerts to let you know who's available and who's not, when new mail arrives, whether or not you've read a message, its level of importance, and when a meeting or appointment is soon to begin.
The Presence indicator shows you the current online status of contacts in your organization who have an active account on
Microsoft Lync
. If your enterprise doesn't use
Microsoft Lync
for instant messaging, the presence indicator is not displayed.
The Presence indicator shows the the following statuses.
  • Green: Available
  • Red or Orange: Busy
  • Red or Bar: Do Not Disturb
  • Yellow: Away
  • Gray: Offline
New and unread mail
Unread email messages are displayed with a blue subject and the sender's name in bold and black. After you open a message the sender's name and subject are displayed in gray.
A calendar icon The Calendar icon next to the sender's name indicates that the message is a meeting invitation or related to a calendar event.