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Create an automatic out of office reply

  1. Tap The Launcher icon.
  2. Tap The Settings icon.
  3. Tap
    Out of Office
  4. Slide the
    Send Automatic Replies
    switch to ON.
  5. Tap
    Send Replies Only During this Period
    and set when this auto-reply Starts and when it Ends.
  6. Tap inside the message block and create or edit your out-of-office reply.
  7. Optionally, to send replies to incoming messages from outside your organization, and to make them different from replies sent within your organization, tap Send Replies Outside My Company. Tap either Contacts Only to only respond to senders in your Contacts or tap Anyone, if you wish to make no distinction.
  8. Optionally, tap in the message block for external replies to create/edit a message to external senders, or press to display the clipboard menu and paste in copied text.
  9. Tap The checkmark icon.