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BlackBerry Connect
app settings in
BlackBerry UEM

  1. On the menu bar, click
  2. Click the
    BlackBerry Connect
  3. On the
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    tab, in the
    App configuration
    table, click +.
  4. Type a name for the app configuration.
  5. On the
    Server Configuration
    tab, configure the following:
    1. In the
      Connect Server Hosts
      field, type the FQDN of the computers that host the
      BlackBerry Connect
      service. If you have multiple servers, separate the names using commas, not spaces. For example,,, By default, SSL communication is enabled with a new
      BEMS or later installation and is bound to port 8082. If you upgraded from
      2.10 or earlier and SSL communication with the
      BlackBerry Connect
      app is not enabled, use port 8080. For example:,, For more information on configuring the
      BlackBerry Connect
      service for SSL communications, see Configuring the Connect service to receive SSL communications.
    2. In the
      drop-down list, select the platform.
      For information about instant messaging compatibility, see the
      BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server
      Compatibility Matrix
  6. Configure the app settings. See BlackBerry Connect app configuration settings for a description of all of the settings that you can configure.
  7. Click