Turn off interoperability between BlackBerry Dynamics apps and app managed by Intune in BlackBerry UEM Skip Navigation

Turn off interoperability between 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps and app managed by 
BlackBerry UEM

You can turn off interoperabilty between the 
BlackBerry Bridge
 app and 
 managed apps. Turning off interoperability causes the 
BlackBerry Bridge
 app to stop working, but does not affect the functionality of other 
 managed apps. For example, users can view the content of a 
Microsoft Word
 file, but the files are not opened in the 
 protected area of 
Microsoft Word
. The 
BlackBerry Bridge
 app is not uninstalled from the device. 
  1. On the menu bar, click 
    Policies and Profiles
  2. Click 
    Protection > Microsoft Intune app protection
  3. Click the 
    Microsoft Intune
     app protection profile that you want to turn off the interoperabiltiy feature for.
  4. Click The Edit icon.
  5. Clear the 
    Enable interoperability between Intune and Dynamics apps
  6. Click