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About the BlackBerry Access app configuration settings

App configurations allow you to preconfigure certain app settings before you assign apps to users. By preconfiguring app settings, you can make it easier for users to download, set up, and use the apps. For detailed information about all of the settings in the app configuration, refer to the
BlackBerry Access app configuration settings topic in the Administration content. The following tabs are important when setting up the app configuration in BlackBerry Desktop:
: This tab allows you to configure general settings such as allowing the user to set the home page, geolocaton, and enable pop-up windows.
: This tab allows you to enable specific security settings. BlackBerry recommends that you disable the 'Allow SHA1 leaf or intermediate certificates' and 'Allow legacy/weak algorithms (DES)' options. The Enforce strict tunnel option ensures all undefined traffic is not routed directly. For more information about routing, refer to About the BlackBerry Dynamics connectivity profile settings.
: This tab allows you to set up your network configuration. Note that if you enable a web proxy, it overrules any configuration that you set up in the BlackBerry Dynamics connectivity profile. You can use a PAC file to provide the option to combine direct routing for some targets and using a proxy for others.
BlackBerry Work (Win and Mac)
: This tab allows you to set up your email client for BlackBerry Desktop.
BlackBerry Access (Win and Mac)
: This tab allows you to enable features such as WebRTC, which specifies whether to enable access to WebRTC protocol-based destinations such as Citrix VDI browser-based access, microphone and camera support, UDP Protocol support, printing configuration, update notifications to users, Awingu integration, and extension management.