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Installing the BlackBerry Connectivity Node to connect to resources behind your organization's firewall

The BlackBerry Connectivity Node is a collection of components that installed on a dedicated computer to enable additional features for BlackBerry UEM Cloud. The following components that are included in the BlackBerry Connectivity Node are relevant to setting up BlackBerry Work from Anywhere.
BlackBerry Cloud Connector
The BlackBerry Cloud Connector allows BlackBerry UEM Cloud to access your organization's on-premises company directory. You can create directory user accounts by searching for and importing user data from the company directory. User data is synchronized with the directory daily. BlackBerry UEM Cloud must be able to access your company directory if you want to use SCEP.
Directory users can use their directory credentials to access BlackBerry UEM Self-Service. If you assign an administrative role to directory users, the users can also use their directory credentials to log into the management console.
BlackBerry Proxy
BlackBerry Proxy maintains a secure connection between your organization and the BlackBerry Dynamics NOC, which allows BlackBerry Dynamics apps to communicate securely with your organization's resources behind the firewall. It also supports BlackBerry Dynamics Direct Connect, which allows app data to bypass the BlackBerry Dynamics NOC. For more information, see Configuring BlackBerry UEM Cloud to support BlackBerry Dynamics apps.