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Multi-Tenant Console 5.2.3 Release Notes

Fixed issues

If a linked policy template name contained more than 255 characters, an error message displayed but did not specify that there were too many characters. (MSSP-6360) 

Known issues

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new for this release.
*After changing a user’s assigned role, the previous role name may be displayed on the Partner Users screen until the page is manually refreshed. (MSSP-6800) 
When you edit a tenant's name in the Multi-Tenant Console, you cannot save your changes. (MSSP-6584)
If you make changes to CylanceOPTICS in a bulk update request when it is disabled, the bulk update report does not specify that CylanceOPTICS is not available. (MSSP-6411) 
If an error occurs when you are creating a linked policy template, the error message remains on the screen until you remove it. (MSSP-5775)
After you edit the name of a linked policy template, a progress spinner might display on the "Tenants Linked To" column and the column is not updated. (MSSP-5768)
If you name a linked policy template "Default", you cannot edit the name. (EPPCL-1396)
When you open a policy template, and click File Actions, the Auto-Delete Quarantine option might be cut off. (MSSP-5615)