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Customize how the
Application for
generates log files

If an issue arises, such as when the post-install test doesn’t result in observable output, you will need to examine splunkd.log and Cylance.log files in the $SPLUNK_HOME/var/ logs/ Splunk directory.
To generate detailed log data, do the following:
  1. In the file, in the bin directory, change the log level to one of the following:
    • DEBUG
    • INFO
    • ERROR
    • FATAL
  2. In the file, change any of the following parameters to customize log file generation:
    • Filename
      : The default file name is cylance.log.
    • Size
      : The default maximum log size is 1,000,000 bytes. When the files exceeds this size, a new log file is created.
    • Rotations
      : This is the number of log files that can be created before the oldest is overwritten.