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What's new in
BlackBerry Workspaces

What's new in
BlackBerry Workspaces
Server 11.7

Synchronization policy for Windows
: Administrators can now set a sync policy to allow or restrict all users from syncing Workspaces files to Windows clients. Users can be allowed individually to synchronize files to their clients from the user management screen. If the sync policy is disabled, files that are already synchronized to the client are removed from the device.  In this release, synchronization is allowed by default for macOS clients and you cannot disallow it.

What's new in
BlackBerry Workspaces
Server 11.6

Restore a deleted workspace
: When a
BlackBerry Workspaces
administrator deletes a workspace, the workspace owner and all administrators of that workspace can now find the workspace in their recycle bin and restore it without contacting an administrator.
Notifications for inactive workspaces
: When
BlackBerry Workspaces
automatically moves a workspace to the recycle bin after a period of inactivity according to the file retention policy, the workspace owner and all administrators of that workspace now receive an email notification.
Add Admin Note to workspace info
: Administrators can add an Admin Note to a workspace on the “Workspace info” tab. Workspace owners can also view the note.

What's new in
BlackBerry Workspaces
Server 11.5

Read Acknowledgement reports
: Read Acknowledgement compliance reports are now available to workspace owners.
Account verification and password reset
: Account verification and password reset links now expire in 30 minutes.
: Enhancements and cleanup of data representation across user activity, workspace activity, organization activity, auditing, and licensing reports. For example, when a file is downloaded or opened, you can verify the file access permissions. When a file is shared, you can verify the recipients. User activity reports now include user creation dates so that you can assess how active a user is. Audit logs now show usernames and their roles. The licensing report now indicates whether a user is a licensed internal user. The licensing snapshot report for internal domains now includes a count of external users. Authentication activities reports now show failed login attempts.
Support for double byte characters
: Double byte characters are now supported in the syslog output, for example, to support Hebrew characters.
Email domain sharing
: Administrators can now control the option of allowing users to share
content with an entire email domain.
Links to terms and conditions
: Links to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are now included in
invitation email messages.
Show full paths
reports and email notifications now include full paths to files.

What's new in
BlackBerry Workspaces
Server 11.0

Set internal domains
: Administrators must now set the internal domains of the
organization and relog in before Workspaces can be enabled for users.
Improved autocomplete of email addresses
: Administrators can now choose whether they want the auto-complete feature to show email addresses that belong to internal domains only or show all email addresses used in
Support for video streaming
: You can now click "Play" to stream videos from local
folders. This feature is supported for .mp4, .webM*, and .ogv* formats. Note that this feature is not available for transient workspaces.
Restore files
: You can now restore more than 100 files from the recycling bin at once. When you restore files, it is recommended that you review the file permissions because it may differ from the permissions that were assigned at the moment of deletion.
Removed the option to create
Microsoft Office
: The option to create a new
Microsoft Office
file in
has been removed.
: Administrators can now easily see the number of internal and external users from the Licensing screen.
Download reports
: Administrators can now download the various types of reports directly from the
Organizational storage reports
: Administrators can now customize the date range for the organizational storage report that you want to generate.
Read acknowledgement report
: Administrators can now generate a Read Acknowledgement Detailed Report which includes detailed information about files that require read acknowledgement.
Encryption status
: An indicator has been added to show the encryption status of all files in
. Note that this feature is not available for transient workspaces.
OS updates
: IT administrators can now perform OS updates on
BlackBerry Workspaces
11 server machines. Before performing any upgrade,
recommends following best practices such as evaluating, testing, and backing up any environments.
Password reset notification
: The password reset email notification has been updated.
: Syslog outputs now include unique identifiers which help identify files, workspaces, and actions.
Tomcat server 8 support
: Workspaces 11 supports Apache Tomcat server version 8.
* Not supported in the