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Intranet connections

Connections initiated by the
BlackBerry UEM Core

To simplify administration and support certain device features, the
BlackBerry UEM Core
must be able to connect to your organization's intranet applications. Examples of intranet applications include
Microsoft Active Directory
, an LDAP directory,
Microsoft Exchange
, or an SMTP server.
Consult the documentation or support resources for your organization’s applications to identify the ports that
BlackBerry UEM
must be able to access.

Intranet port configurations for
BlackBerry Proxy

On each computer that hosts
BlackBerry Proxy
, verify that the following inbound ports are open, available, and not used by other servers or processes:
  • 17080
  • 17433
The computer that hosts
BlackBerry Proxy
should have at least 30,000 ports in the dynamic TCP port allocation for outbound connections to the
BlackBerry Dynamics
NOC (when
Direct Connect
is configured, these ports become inbound).
To route connections from
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps through a web proxy server, the proxy server must support the HTTP Connect command and must not require authentication. Your organization’s internal firewall must allow connections over port 17533. If you do not configure a web proxy server for a
BlackBerry Proxy
instance, your organization’s internal and external firewalls must allow connections over port 17533.
For more information about configuring
BlackBerry Proxy
, see the Configuration content.