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Configuring high availability for the management console

To configure high availability for the
BlackBerry UEM
management consoles, you can use your organization's hardware load balancer or DNS server to configure a round-robin pool that connects to each management console in the domain. If a management console is not available, the load balancer or DNS server connects to one of the other available consoles.
For more information about setting up a round-robin pool, consult the documentation for your organization's hardware load balancer or DNS server.
After you configure a round-robin pool, it is a best practice to update the %AdminPortalURL% and %UserSelfServicePortalURL% variables in the management console (Settings > General settings > Default variables) with the pool name. If you do, email messages that use these variables to link to the management console and
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
can use the round-robin pool.
If you enabled single sign-on, you must update the SPNs for the
Microsoft Active Directory
account with the pool name and restart the
BlackBerry UEM
services on each computer that hosts a
BlackBerry UEM
BlackBerry UEM
management console instance in the round-robin pool can disconnect from the
BlackBerry UEM
domain if the DNS server assigns a different IP address to that instance. The instance is disconnected because the new IP address doesn’t recognize the user’s login information. If this happens, the user must log out and log back in again.