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Requirements: Integrating
BlackBerry UEM
Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE
BlackBerry UEM
supports integration with
Cisco ISE
version 1.2 and later.
Supported OS
Any operating system that
BlackBerry UEM
supports (see the Compatibility matrix), except for the following:
  • Windows 10
    for desktop
Listening port
Cisco ISE
uses the default
BlackBerry Web Services
listening port, 18084, to obtain data about devices from
BlackBerry UEM
If port 18084 was not available when
BlackBerry UEM
was installed, the setup application selected another available port for this purpose. To verify the correct port value, in the
BlackBerry UEM Core
log file (CORE), search for
and record the port number that is listed just before this text.
If a firewall exists between
BlackBerry UEM
Cisco ISE
, configure the firewall to allow HTTPS sessions between both systems.