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subscriptions to users in specified domains

Your organization can use whitelisting to control which users in internal and federated
Skype for Business
Cisco Unified Communications Manager
environments can be subscribed to. By allowing specific email domains to be subscribed to, you can improve the performance of the
service and exclude domains that are not part of the internal or federated domains. You can also limit presence subscriptions to specific internal and federated domains. By default, the whitelisting feature is disabled and all internal and external email domain subscriptions are attempted. When this feature is configured, you can manage the allowed list from all
servers that host the
When your organization enables whitelisting, contacts in an email domain that is not listed are restricted and no presence subscriptions are attempted to that domain. Consider the following scenarios when you enable domain white listing:
  • If you enable domain whitelisting, but do not specify one or more email domains, all email domains are restricted from requesting
  • If you enable domain whitelisting and specify one or more email domains, only contacts in the specified email domains are included in the subscription request to the instant messaging server. If a contact is not a user in the whitelisted email domains, the user presence is not displayed.
  • If you do not enable domain whitelisting, then contacts in any email domain are included in the subscription request to the instance messaging server.