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Using friendly names for certificates in
BlackBerry Connect

The friendly name of a certificate can be helpful when multiple certificates with similar subjects exist in a certificate store. Friendly names are properties in the X.509 certificate store that associate aliases with certificates so they can be easily identified.
If you installed the
service on multiple computers, complete this task on each computer that hosts the service.
You can restrict certificates used for
BlackBerry Connect
to a Friendly Name by completing the following actions:
  1. If you do not have one, create and enroll a certificate.
  2. Change the certificate friendly name and description.
  3. Setting the new certificate friendly name string value in the
    BlackBerry Connect
    Server configuration file (GoodConnectServer.exe.config).
If you do not already have a certificate, you can create and verify a
SSL certificate for
Skype for Business
. For more information, see SSL certificate requirements for
Skype for Business
in the Installation content