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Adapting the PKI connector sample implementation

Note the following considerations when you modify the PKI connector sample implementation to work with a CA other than 
Start with CertificateServerService.Java (in src/main/java/com/good/service/) indicates the various touch points that you need to account for when you set up your own PKI connector.
Adhere to the BlackBerry Dynamics User Certificate Management Protocol
You must ensure that any adaption of the sample implementation also implements the standards and processes of the BlackBerry Dynamics User Certificate Management Protocol.
Generating program stubs
The sample implementation relies on the following 
 files that are included with the software:
  • AdminServiceV9.wsdl
  • ServiceV9Common.xsd
These definitions are used to generate program stubs with Axis 1.4. Your CA might have similar definitions that you can use for your own adaptation of the PKI connector sample. You may also need to use a more recent version of Axis.
Property handling
You will need to set up a properties file similar to for your intended CA.
Format of certificate data
The sample implementation receives a byte stream of the unencoded certificate data from 
. The format of the certificate depends on your intended CA. You may need to modify your implementation to process data in a different format