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Manage your notes

When you open
BlackBerry Notes
your notes are automatically synchronized with the notes in your work email account. After you open the app, notes are synchronized every ten minutes.You can swipe down on the list to force synchronization at any time.
BlackBerry Notes
keyboard navigation.
  1. Complete any of the following tasks:
    Sort your notes
    1. Tap The Order arrow icon to order notes by title, creation date, or last modified.
    2. Tap The Ascend/descend icon - wrong name to toggle ascending or descending order.
    Filter notes
    1. Tap or swipe from the left edge. 
    2. Tap a category or folder to display only the notes in it on the main page, or tap
      All Notes
      to turn off the filter.
    Synchronize notes folders
    Tap the menu icon >
    Manage Synced Folders
    to enable or disable synchronization for all or selected folders.
    Search for a note
    1. Tap .
    2. Enter your search criteria.
    Edit a note
    1. Tap a note in the Note list.
    2. Tap the title of the note to make changes.
    3. Tap the category field to add or remove assigned categories.
    4. Tap in the note body to edit the text for your note. Use the text toolbar below the text field to show or hide the keyboard and change font style, size and color.
    5. Tap the checkmark icon to save the note.
    Delete a note
    1. Tap the note that you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple notes, tap and hold a note and then tap all the notes that you want to delete.
    2. Tap the delete icon
    You can view inline attachments and images in notes. Depending on the
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    version and the email client that you are using, some of the following limitations might occur in your environment:
    • Attachments can only be viewed and cannot be added in
      BlackBerry Notes
      . To add an attachment to a note, you must add it in Office Web App 2013, 2016 or Office 365 after the note has already been created in
      BlackBerry Notes
    • Inline attachments are not supported in Outlook Web App 2010 or
      Microsoft Outlook