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Send a Data Collection Package to CylanceOPTICS Devices

Nine simple steps to collect data to investigate threats

You can send a package to CylanceOPTICS devices that will run a process to securely collect device data and store it in a location of your choice. For example, you can run a process to collect browser data. CylanceOPTICS offers several packages in the management console, or you can create your own custom package. For more information about creating a custom package, see KB66563.

This image shows how to navigate to the packages page

1. Go to the Packages page

On the menu bar, click CylanceOPTICS > Packages.

This image shows the Deploy Packages button

2. Click Deploy Packages

This image shows where you can select the package to deploy

3. Select the package

Some examples of the out-of-the-box packages available to you include:

  • Cylance - Browser History: Collects internet broswer history data from popular browsers
  • Cylance - Windows event log: Collects various raw Windows event log files

You can also add additional command line arguments to the selected package. Hovering over the ? icon displays a list of arguments available for that package.


This image shows the drop-down list of collection types available

4. Choose the collection type

Select where you want to store the data that the package collects. The options are Local, SFTP, SMB, or S3. If you select SFTP, SMB, or S3, add the required information.

This image shows the Next button on the deploy packages screen

5. Click Next

This image shows where you can choose the device to send the device or zone to

6. Choose devices or zones to send the package to

This image shows where you can set the timeout period and priority for the package

7. Optional: Set a timeout period and priority

Expand the advanced options to set a timeout period and a priority for the package deploy. Priority is used when other CylanceOPTICS jobs are queued for the same device.

This image shows where you can provide a name and description of the package

8. Add a name and description

This images shows the Deploy button

9. Click Deploy

That's it! You have now successfully deployed a package to collect data from CylanceOPTICS devices. To view the status of the deployment, go to CylanceOPTICS > Packages.

To learn more, take a look at the Cylance Endpoint Security Administration Guide.