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What's new in BlackBerry Protect Desktop agent 1584 for macOS

This release of BlackBerry Protect Desktop agent 1584 applies to the macOS operating system only.
Build number:
2.1.1584.529 - macOS


Updated the Mach-O model with detection improvements.

Fixed issues

Fixed an issue with hash mismatches on a small set of files on a macOS operating system. (CHP-8306)
Fixed an issue where a macOS Big Sur system would experience performance degradation at startup when Memory Protection is enabled. (CHP-8375)

Known issues

On macOS Big Sur, the Protect Desktop agent gives multiple Remote Allocation of Memory (OopAllocate) memory protect alerts for osqueryd. (UD-1266)
On macOS Catalina devices, the Cylance logo may not display on the Cylance UI About page or Installation Token prompt dialog box. (CHP-7509)