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BlackBerry Persona Desktop Console v1.5 release notes

This release of BlackBerry Persona Desktop consists of the following features:
  • On the Assets > Users tab for an individual user, the status of an associated device is displayed as either Online or Offline.
  • On the Assets > Users tab, you can now filter the list of users by username, the state of their associated device (Online or Offline), the time the device was last online, and Zone name. 
  • The alert detail view now displays a History & Comments tab.

Known issues

  • The model scores in the Syslog message are different than the scores displayed on the Alert Details page. (PCC-1904)
  • The device name and IP address do not appear in the alert event message sent to the Syslog server. (DA-3198)

Fixed issues

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known limitations

  • On the History & Comments tab, when a user adds a comment, the comment may not immediately appear. Refresh the browser window to view the comment. (PCC-2020)
  • On the History & Comments tab, when a user clicks the trash icon to remove a comment, the comment is not deleted. Refresh the browser window to delete the comment. (PCC-2021)