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BlackBerry Optics

Collect and analyze device data to identify and respond to threats

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BlackBerry Optics

BlackBerry Optics is an endpoint detection and response solution that collects and analyzes forensic data from devices to identify and resolve threats before they impact your organization’s users and data.

Optics 3.0

NOTE: Optics agent version 3.0 introduces a significant change to how the agent stores device data, sending it to a secure cloud database rather than storing it locally on the endpoint. For more information, see the Optics Release Notes. To manage this significant change for customers, BlackBerry is making the agent available by request instead of releasing it to the management console for automatic device updates.

Contact BlackBerry Support to request the Optics agent version 3.0. Note that agent version 2.5.x is still supported, but most of the new features that are available in this and future releases will require agent version 3.0 or later.

Getting Started

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Optics 2.5.x

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