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Using source IP pinning

BlackBerry Gateway
allows you to obtain dedicated IP addresses that you can use for source IP pinning. Many SaaS applications allow source IP pinning as a way to limit access only to connections from a specific range of trusted IP addresses. Your organization may already use this method to limit access to a SaaS application tenant to the IP address used by devices connected to your organization's network. For users working remotely, this means you can secure access between your users and cloud-based applications using source IP pinning without requiring them to use your organization's VPN, which can reduce the traffic on your network and improve connections for users.
If you have enabled source IP pinning for
BlackBerry Gateway
, the Source IP Pinning network settings display the IP addresses that
has allocated for use only by your organization.
To obtain dedicated IP addresses, contact your
To view your allocated IP addresses, on the menu bar, click
Gateway > Settings
, and under
Network Settings
Source IP Pinning