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Install the
BlackBerry Gateway
OVA file

Make sure you have permissions to deploy an OVF template into the VSphere environment.
  1. Download the
    BlackBerry Gateway
    OVA file (blackberry-gateway-connector.ova) to your computer from
  2. Log in to the VSphere environment.
  3. Right-click on the cluster where you want to install the
    BlackBerry Gateway
    connector and select
    Deploy OVF template
  4. On the
    Select an OVF template
    screen, select the
    Local file
  5. Click
    Choose Files
    and navigate to the blackberry-gateway-connector.ova file.
  6. Click
  7. On the
    Select a name and folder
    screen, type a name for the virtual machine and click
    The default name is blackberry-gateway-connector.
  8. On the
    Select a computer resource
    screen, select a location for the virtual machine and click
  9. After the compatibility checks are complete, click
  10. On the
    Review details
    screen, review the setup information and click
  11. On the
    License agreements
    screen, review the license agreement.
  12. Select the button beside
    I accept all license agreements
    and click
  13. On the
    Select storage
    screen, for
    Virtual disk format
    , select Thin Provision.
  14. On the
    Select networks
    screen, configure the
    Destination Network
    for this
    BlackBerry Gateway
    Set the
    Source Network
    to NAT.
  15. Click
  16. On the
    Ready to complete
    screen, review the configuration settings and click