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Register the connector with the
BlackBerry Infrastructure

After you install the
Gateway Connector
and configure its firewall, you must connect it to the
BlackBerry Infrastructure
  1. In a web browser, navigate to the IP address of your
    Gateway Connector
  2. Click
  3. Review the text about the self-signed certificate and click
    Proceed to the HTTPS service
  4. Accept the self-signed certificate.
  5. Reload the HTTPS service page if necessary.
  6. In the
    field, type the URL of the management console.
    You can find the URL in the management console under
    Gateway > Settings > Gateway Connectors
  7. Click
    Register this Connector
    . The management console opens.
  8. Log in to the management console as an administrator for your tenant.
  9. In the
    Connector name
    field, type a name for the Connector.
  10. Review the Connector URL.
  11. Click
The Connector appears in the list of
Connectors. The STATUS field shows whether or not the private network, its DNS, and health checks are functioning normally.