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Setting up
BlackBerry Gateway

To set up
BlackBerry Gateway
, perform the following actions.
Steps 1 to 3 are required only if you are installing one or more
Gateway Connectors
. You must install at least one
Gateway Connector
if you want to use
to control access to your private network. If you don't install a
Gateway Connector
, you can use
only to block access to public destinations and secure access to cloud applications using source IP pinning.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
If you want to use
to establish a secure tunnel between devices and your private network, Install and set up one or more Gateway connectors.
Step 4
If you want to create user accounts by searching for and importing user data from your company directory, link
to your company directory
Step 5
Configure network access control policies to manage which Internet and private network destinations
allows and blocks access to.
Step 6
Configure adaptive response options to manage how the identity risk engine monitors and responds to user behavior.
Step 7
Configure enrollment policies to allow users to activate the
Agent on their device.
Step 8
Add users and user groups to
Step 9
Step 10
After users have enrolled with
, monitor network connection activity and update settings and users as necessary.