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Assign a policy to users and groups

You can assign a policy to any number of groups and users, but only one of each policy type can be assigned to each user. A policy assigned to a user takes precedence over policies assigned to groups that the user belongs to. If no policy is assigned directly to a user and the user belongs to two or more groups that are assigned different policies, the highest ranked of the assigned polices is applied to the user.
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Gateway > Policies
  2. Select the policy type that you want to assign.
  3. Click the name of the policy that you want to assign.
  4. Click
    Assigned Users and Groups
  5. Click
    Add users or group
  6. Start typing a name to search for the user or group that you want to add.
  7. Select one or more names from the search results.
  8. Click
    You can also assign policies to a user on the User Configuration page and assign policies to a group on the Group Settings page.
  9. To unassign the policy from a user or group, Select the user and group names that you want to unassign the policy for and click