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Fixed issues

Fixed issues in version 4.10.2

If your session in the UEM management console timed out and you logged back in and tried to access the Workspaces administrator console, a blank page displayed. (SNP-642)

Fixed issues in version 4.10

When a user tried to share a file with a recipient that had invalid characters in their email address, if the recipient didn't already have an account associated with the Workspaces or UEM environment, an unexpected error occurred when UEM tried to automatically create an account for the recipient. If a UEM administrator tried to disable the Workspaces service for one user and moved the content to a new account that had invalid characters in its email address, the attempt was not successful but there was no error message. (SNP-622, SNP-623)
If you enabled the Workspaces service when you were creating a UEM user account, it took about a minute for the service to appear under the user account. (SNP-618)