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Getting started with 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 provides single sign-on (SSO) to cloud services. With single sign-on, users don't have to sign in multiple times or remember multiple passwords. Administrators can also add custom services to 
Enterprise Identity
 to give users access to internal applications.

What is my user account?

Your user account is typically the account (such as 
Microsoft Active Directory
, or LDAP) that you use every day to log in to your organization account. The password is the same one that you use every day.
If you use multiple accounts, after you enter your email address, 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 recognizes that there is more than one account associated with your address and you must select the correct account to log in with. Here are some examples of user accounts that you might use: 
  • BlackBerry UEM
     local user - <username>
  • Microsoft Active Directory
     - <username>
  • LDAP - <username>
  • Azure
     Active Directory - <user>@<yourorganizationsdomain>.com
  • BlackBerry Online Account
     - <email address>@<yourorganizationsdomain>.com>
To view more information about the accounts that display, hover over the name of the account.
If you select the wrong account, you can click the back button to return to the user account screen. 

Can I use a different account

If you want to use a different account, click the ‘Use a different account?’ link. You will be returned to the Sign in page where you can enter credentials for the account that you want to use.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, click the ‘Forgot password?’ link. An email message that will allow you to change your password is sent to the email address that is associated with your user account. 
Note that the Forgot password link is visible only when you are signing into the 
BlackBerry UEM
 console with a 
BlackBerry UEM
 local user, and when you are signing in with a 
BlackBerry Online Account
. For other account types, contact your administrator to reset your password.

How do I use 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
BlackBerry 2FA

If your administrator has set up 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 to use 
BlackBerry 2FA
 for authentication, after entering your credentials, 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 may prompt you with two choices:
  • If you click ‘Send authentication request’, you will receive a prompt on your device that you must accept before you can log into the service.
  • If you click ‘Enter one-time password’, you must get the password from a hardware token that was issued to you, or from the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
    BlackBerry 2FA
     app on your device, then enter the password.

What happens when I allow Location permission?

If your organization is using 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 profiles, the first time that you log in to a service, after you enter your username you might be prompted with a location permission screen, which presents you with two options:
  • Allow
    BlackBerry Intelligent Security
     will collect your location history when the app's location permission is enabled
  • Maybe later
    : You will be asked for permission in the future each time that you log in
When you click Allow, your browser will prompt you for location permission. 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 uses your location history to establish trusted locations. Trusted locations are used to verify your identity and allow you to connect to your work network and resources. For more information, click the Learn more link on the Location permission screen.
: If you deny the browser location permission, 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 cannot establish your trusted location which might affect the level of authentication that is required for your user account.
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 finishes its risk analysis, you will be prompted to enter your password, and a Remember this client screen will display.
The next time you log into the same service using the same browser, you will not be prompted for your username, Location permission, or Remember this client screens.

What happens when I 'Remember this client'?

When you select the ‘Remember this client’ option, you give your browser permission to store your account information. You should only select this option if you are the only person that uses the computer or device that you are logging in with.
If you select “I agree” on the Remember this client screen, the browser is saved in 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
, and displays in the 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 Trusted browsers page of 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service

How do I switch my language?

To switch your language, click the down arrow icon at the bottom left-hand side of the sign in screen and select the language that you want to use.

Selecting an enterprise, tenant and domain

After you enter your username, if 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 detects that your organization has multiple enterprises, tenants or domains, you must select an option in the list before clicking next.