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Fixed issues in
12.19 and
UEM Cloud

on-premises 12.19 and
UEM Cloud
(October 2023)

Management console fixed issues
The RSR version was not displayed in
after an
device was updated to the RSR version. (EMA-17723)
Administrators could not delete a certificate from the CA certificate profile page. (EMM-153265)
The IT policy tooltip for "Allow screenshots in the work profile to be stored in the personal profile" was updated to indicate that screenshots must be stored in the personal profile if the option is selected. (EMM-152026)
If a SIEM connector was configured with TLS settings that did not match the syslog server settings, scheduled tasks did not run. (EMM-151864)
After you removed
VPP apps from a device and unassigned them from the user, the license consumption counts were not updated in the management console. (EMM-151299)
User, device, and app management fixed issues
The work profile was not removed or the device was not reset to factory default settings if the Remove device command was sent while the device was offline. (EMA-17733)
SCEP enrollment was not completed during activation of
devices when the CMS Algorithm Identifier Protection attribute was used. (EMA-17636)
profiles with the Enterprise security type were not applied to devices because the root CA or domain name were not applied to users devices. (EMM-153133)
BlackBerry Work
did not activate automatically when it was set as the primary authentication delegate on an
DEP device. (EMM-152855)
The activation password expiry date was not displayed correctly in
UEM Self-Service
when the language was set to French. (EMM-152389)
App shortcuts were displayed in the personal apps list in
after they were configured to appear in the
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
. (EMM-152316)
After you upgraded from
BlackBerry UEM
12.17.1(a) to 12.18, device groups that include RSR versions were not updated automatically. (EMM-152033)
devices, RSR versions might have been included in device groups that were intended to filter for a specific version and earlier or later versions. (EMM-152028)
Users could not edit notification permissions for apps on
devices running
13. (EMM-151936)