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Benefits of
BlackBerry 2FA

BlackBerry 2FA
provides users with two-factor authentication to access your organization’s resources. It allows you to use
devices as the second factor of authentication through a simple confirmation prompt when users try to connect to your organization’s resources.
For users who don't have a mobile device or have a mobile device that doesn't have sufficient connectivity to support the real-time
BlackBerry 2FA
, you can issue standards-based one-time password (OTP) tokens. The first authentication factor is the user's directory password, and the second authentication factor is a dynamic code that appears on the token's screen.
You manage
BlackBerry 2FA
from the
management console.
BlackBerry 2FA
is also integrated with
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
. You can use
BlackBerry 2FA
to provide a second factor of authentication for the resources that you manage access to with
Enterprise Identity
For more information, see the BlackBerry 2FA docs.