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Sample apps

You can use the sample apps available in the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
to help you plan the development of your apps. The source code samples demonstrate how to apply
BlackBerry Dynamics
functionality. The most basic is the skeleton app, which can be used as a starting point for implementing your own projects with
BlackBerry Dynamics
using Enterprise Simulation Mode.
The samples are located in
/samples/, or you can download them from the BlackBerry Developers for Enterprise Apps site.
All sample apps have
Gradle configurations. You can load any of the apps in
Android Studio
. When you troubleshoot a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app, you should enable detailed logging from theconsole or build configuration.
It is recommended to make a copy of the source code in another location before making any changes. Reinstalling or upgrading will overwrite or even remove the sample apps in the default location.
Sample app
HTTP client
Provides an example of how to use
BlackBerry Dynamics
Secure Communication APIs to access resources behind the enterprise firewall. These secure communication APIs can be used to exchange data between the mobile app on the device and an application server using the secure
BlackBerry Dynamics
proxy infrastructure.
In 4.0.0 and later, this sample supports HTTP PATCH requests.
Demonstrates how to create an app that can import a user's PKI credentials using the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Certificate Credential Import API.
For more information, see Package and Creating user credential profiles for app-based certificates in the
UEM Administration Guide
AppKinetics Shared Services
Provides three examples of how to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Shared Services Framework.
App policy
Provides an example of how to use application-specific policy APIs. App policies control specific features of a single app, compared to built-in policies that apply to all apps.
This app also demonstrates how to support Night Mode.
Bypass Unlock
Illustrates how to program for the Bypass Unlock feature. For more information about Bypass Unlock, see User authentication.
Provides an example of how to interact with the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Library and use the Remote Settings API. Displays which
BlackBerry Dynamics
events are happening. This can be helpful when using
BlackBerry Dynamics
for the first time.
This app also demonstrates the use of the GDAndroid.executeBlock and GDAndroid.executeUnblock APIs that can be used to locally block or unblock a user’s access to the UI of a BlackBerry Dynamics app.
Greetings client/server
Demonstrates how to write a client and server that use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Inter Container Communications (ICC) API. The ICC system exchanges data securely between two
BlackBerry Dynamics
applications running on the same mobile device so that data is not compromised during the exchange.
As of the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
11.2 release, the Greetings Client sample app was updated to include
Play Integrity
attestation. For more information on
Play Integrity
, see Implementing Play Integrity attestation for BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
The Greetings server app demonstrates how to support Night Mode.
Push channel
Demonstrates how to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Push infrastructure, including how to control the connection, create channels, and send messages in a loopback manner to the client. The Push Channel framework is a
BlackBerry Dynamics
feature used to receive real-time notifications from an application server.
Secure copy-cut-paste
Compares the use of secured
BlackBerry Dynamics
UI text controls (GDTextView, GDEditText, GDAutoCompleteTextView, GDSearchView, GDWebView) and the corresponding default UI text controls. Text data is encrypted or decrypted before copy or paste operations are performed.
As of the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
11.2 release, new AppCompat compatible widgets (GDAppCompatTextView, GDAppCompatCheckedTextView, GDAppCompatAutoCompleteTextView, GDAppCompatMultiAutoCompleteTextView, GDAppCompatEditText, GDAppCompatSearchView) and a view class inflater (GDAppCompatViewInflater) were introduced to automatically inflate widgets, specified in layout files, into the correct
BlackBerry Dynamics
widget classes.
For more information, see Data Leakage Prevention.
Secure SQL
Demonstrates how to use the secure SQL database, showing how to add, edit, delete, and list contacts. All data stored in the secure SQL database is encrypted on the device by the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Provides a basic skeleton application that you can use as a starting point for application development.