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Monitoring app log uploads by device users

You can use the GDLogManager class (Android/iOS) to monitor app log file uploads that are initiated by your organization’s device users. This class does not manage or display information about log uploads that are initiated by the
administrator, or by management console profiles or policies.
GDLogManager provides the following information:
  • Upload size
  • Amount of data uploaded
  • Events that indicate the following states:
    • Upload completed
    • Upload abandoned or canceled
    • Upload suspended
    • Upload resumed after suspension
  • Actions for managing a log upload (cancel, suspend, resume)
  • Enable detailed logging with detailedLoggingFor (Android/iOS
When detailed logging is disabled by the management server profiles or policies, calling any API in the GDLogManager class has no effect. It is a best practice to check this setting using the getApplicationConfig API (Android/iOS). If detailed logging is enabled, present the log upload progress UI or any other related UI.