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Multi-Tenant Console
5.1.1 release notes

Date added
Support for calling the device lifecycle management API using the
Multi-Tenant Console
New scopes, which are used to manage device lifecycle management for a tenant, are included in the tenant API token generated using the
Multi-Tenant Console
November 2022

Fixed issues

After you enabled a service such as
, the service might have displayed as disabled until you refreshed the screen. (VENECS-1327)
On the Tenant Details page, an "Updating tenant's features was successful" message displayed if you clicked the edit icon, didn't make any changes, and then clicked the checkmark icon. (VENECS-1251)
On the Roles and Permissions tab, you could not delete a role that has zero users. (MSSP-5856)
When you created or updated an application to have the same name an existing application, there was a typo in the error message. (MSSP-5855, MSSP-5782)
When you enabled a
tenant, a "Saving tenant features failed" error might have displayed. (MSSP-5808)
When you made a change to role permissions, that change did not display in the audit log entry. (MSSP-5801)
If you turned on the Auto-upload of log files option in a Linked Policy Template, when you edited the Linked Policy Template and turned the Data Privacy option on, the Auto-upload of log files option was turned off, but in the linked tenant policy, the Auto-upload of log files option remained on instead of being turned off. (MSSP-5799)
After you deleted a Partner User, the number of users on the Roles and Permissions tab did not decrease by one. (MSSP-5798)
If you add a role name that is too long, the error message that displayed did not indicate what was incorrect. (MSSP-5796)
On the Tenant Details creen, the status of a tenant with a pending shutdown status displayed as "PendingShutdown". (MSSP-5790)
You could schedule a report to run on an undefined date. (MSSP-5789)
On the Forgot Password screen, when you clicked Send Reset Link, you were not prompted to select a region. (MSSP-5788)
When you were on a 403 error page, and you clicked the Sign out link, you were directed to another 403 error page that didn't have a header. (MSSP-5786)
When you tried to log in without selecting a region, no error message displayed. (MSSP-5785)
If you included multiple consecutive whitespaces when you named an application, the Multi-Tenant Console removed the extra whitespaces. If you tried to delete the application, you had to use the original name of the application including the whitespaces. (MSSP-5783)
If you created a tenant and gave it a name that was the same as an existing tenant except that the new tenant name had a leading whitespace, in the list of tenants the whitespace was removed and it looked like there were two tenants with the same name. (MSSP-5776)
The width of the message that displayed at the top of the screen changed when you navigated away from the linked policy template page to other tabs. (MSSP-5766)
If you created a linked policy template and gave it a name that was the same as an existing linked policy template except that the new template name had a leading whitespace, in the list of linked policy templates the whitespace was removed and it looked like there were two linked policy templates with the same name. (MSSP-5765)
When you linked a new tenant with a linked policy template that was already linked to other tenants, a policy synchronization occurred for all of the tenants. (MSSP-5759)
When you tried to create a linked policy template using a name that already exists, an error message was displayed. If you clicked on other links on the linked policy template page, the error message might have changed in color. (MSSP-5758)
If you tried to delete a default policy, a progress spinner might have displayed on the Remove policy confirmation window and the policy was not removed. (MSSP-5744)
If you previously linked a linked policy template to tenants, if you then linked it to more tenants, the audit log entry included information about all of the linked tenants instead of the tenants that you just linked. (MSSP-5724)
If you previously linked a linked policy template to tenants, if you then linked it to more tenants, the email notification did not contain the correct count. For example, if you had linked the template to two tenants and then linked it to two more tenants, the email notification stated that it was only linked to two tenants. (MSSP-5701)
When you created a report for users, if you added the users seperately and then ran the report, when you opened the report it was empty.  (MSSP-5640)
You could not rename tenants from the Multi-Tenant Console if the tenant was converted from an enterprise tenant to a managed tenant. (MSSP-5611)
You could not edit partner billing information. (MSSP-5530)
When a partner user registered an account, they could set a password that did not contain a special character. (MSSP-5508)
When you opened the last Partners, Tenant, or Partner users pages, if there were fewer than 100 entries in the list, no entries were displayed. (MSSP-5382)

Known issues

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new for this release.
* Deleting a tenant in the
Multi-Tenant Console
prevents customers from adding users that existed on that tenant as administrators in any region. (EID-18939)
* On the linked policy template page, the number in the Tenants Linked To column might be incorrect. (MSSP-5904)
* Tenants that have a a status of Retry are not in the tenant list when you log in to the console as a Support Administrator. (MSSP-5891)
* The Help/FAQ link is not reset after you migrate a tenant from a managed security service provider to a standalone tenant. (MSSP-5867)
* You cannot delete a tenant that has a status of Retry. (MSSP-5866)
If an error occurs when you are creating a linked policy template, the error message remains on the screen until you remove it. (MSSP-5775)
When creating a tenant, special characters at the end of email addresses are removed when Multi-Tenant Console automatically generates the email address for the tenant user. (MSSP-5774)
: Manually enter the email address.
After you edit the name of a linked policy template, a progress spinner might display on the "Tenants Linked To" column and the column is not updated. (MSSP-5768)
* If you name a linked policy template "Default", you cannot edit the name. (MSSP-5762)
*  When you link a tenant to a linked policy tempalte, the date and time listed in the Date Linked colum is updated for all teants that are linked. (MSSP-5726)
When you open a policy template, and click File Actions, the Auto-Delete Quarantine option might be cut off. (MSSP-5615)
A horizontal scrollbar always appears on the Linked Policy Templates screen. (MSSP-5575)
The Tenant Info panel does not load when the license information can't be retrieved. (MSSP-5529)
If you try to sort the partners list and users list by creation date and modification date, the lists sort incorrectly. (MSSP-5310)
* When you perform a bulk global quarantine list operation, a timeout error might display. (MSSP-5033)