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Multi-Tenant Console 2.11 release notes

This release of BlackBerry Multi-Tenant Console features the following enhancements and fixed issues.


JWT stored HTTPS only
JSON web tokens (JWT) are now stored in HTTPS only, samesite cookie.
GovCloud SSO
GovCloud is now available for the Multi-Tenant Console. This includes an SSO login. See the MTC guide for more information.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to enter a negative number when filtering on the number of users. (MSSP-1641)
  • Fixed an issue where a tenant did not get the Application option in the console. (MSSP-3653, MSSP-3717)
  • The support login can be re-enabled if it was removed from an account. (MSSP-3777)
  • Fixed an issue with the virus and malware report creation failing. (MSSP-3785)