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BlackBerry Hybrid 1.4.14 Release Notes

We are announcing the release of CylanceHYBRID version 1.4.14 on February 11, 2021. This release includes security updates for the CylanceHYBRID virtual appliance and enables the VMware vSphere time synchronization feature.
CylanceHYBRID Update Files: See the CylanceHYBRID Upgrade Package article for the download links.
CylanceHYBRID OVA File: See the CylanceHYBRID Virtual Server File article for the download link.
CylanceHYBRID Admin Guide: See CylanceHYBRID Admin Guide
Using Linux Agents with CylanceHYBRID: See Using Linux Agents with CylanceHYBRID


Virtual appliance security updates
The CylanceHYBRID virtual appliance uses the CentOS 7 operating system. The CylanceHYBRID version 1.4.14 release includes security updates to the operating system. See the BlackBerry Hybrid 1.4.14 security update for more information.
Enable vSphere time synchronization
The CylanceHYBRID virtual appliance will run the VMware vSphere time synchronization feature when the system starts. The time synchronization feature maintains the time between the host and the guest systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Infinity PUT requests would fail. (AG-670)