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CylanceHYBRID Release Notes

New features

  • You can use the new CylanceHYBRID administration console to see the version history, set some configuration parameters, perform troubleshooting steps, view licenses, files, and registry settings, and deploy updates. The CylanceHYBRID Status page is still available for managing the application, including maintenance mode and cache settings.
  • CylanceHYBRID
    2.0 now works with a variety of virtualization software on
    20.04, including
    VMware ESXi
    Microsoft Hyper-V Server
    Xen, and
    Nutanix AHV
    With the release of
    2.0, users are responsible for maintaining their virtual environment updates as necessary.

Fixed issues

Disk usage steadily increased on a running
instance. (AG-1076)
Time zones might have been incorrect in policy timestamps. (AG-945)
The Test Connection button for testing the
Active Directory
connection was enabled even if the username or password fields were empty. (AG-931)
global file list validation was not the same as the list in the management console. (AG-865)