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BlackBerry Cylance API release notes

We are excited to announce an update to the BlackBerry Cylance API that allows users to get a list of devices with more information and get a count of devices per product agent version. See the Cylance API guide for more information.

New Features

Get Devices Extended
Request a page with a list of console devices (same as Get Devices) with extended information. The extended device information includes:
  • host_name
  • os_version
  • background_detection
  • is_safe
  • date_offline
Get Device Count
Request a page with a list of product agent versions used in your tenant and the number of devices per agent version.

Fixed issues

Fixed an issue with the agent version in Get Devices by Hostname not being consistent with other requests like Get Device and Get Device by MAC Address. The agent version returned will be For example: 2.1.1570. (CCLY-1253)