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installation parameters

CylancePROTECT Desktop
agent can be installed using command line options in the terminal. The examples below use the .pkg installer. If you are using the .dmg installer, change the file extension in the command. Before you begin, ensure that the target endpoints meet system requirements.
The installation token is required when you install the agent. You can find it in the management console by clicking
Settings > Application
This parameter hides the system tray at startup.
1 or 2
1: This value only allows local administrators to make changes to the registry and services.
2: This value only allows the system administrator to make changes to the registry and services.
If no value is specified, the default value is 2.
0, 1, 2, or 3
0: This value indicates that only error messages are logged.
1:This value indicates that error and warning messages are logged.
2: This value indicates that error, warning, and information messages are logged.
3: This value enables verbose logging, where all messages are logged. Note that verbose log file sizes can grow very large.
recommends turning on verbose logging during troubleshooting and then changing it back to 2 when troubleshooting is complete.
If no value is specified, the default value is 2.
This parameter requires agent version 1380 or later.
Use this parameter to add devices to an existing zone, or to a zone that you want to create. If the zone does not exist, the zone is created using the name you type.
You cannot use tabs, carriage returns, newlines, equal signs, whitespace or other invisible characters in the zone name.
<port_ number>
This parameter requires agent version 1470 or later.
This adds proxy server settings to the device’s registry. You can find the proxy server information in the agent log file.