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Install the SUSE agent automatically

The agent can be installed simply, along with the dependencies, using the zypper command on agent 1560 or higher.
  • Download the
    CylancePROTECT Desktop
    installation files from the management console. Go to
    Settings > Deployments
    , select the
    product, the target operating system, the agent version, and the file type. Click
  • Get the installation token from the management console. Go to
    Settings > Application
  • Root permission is required to install the
  1. Create the following file before you install the RPM:
    For more information, see Create a configuration file.
  2. For agent version 1590 or later, use the following command to install the open driver and agent driver:
    zypper install CylancePROTECTOpenDriver-version.rpm CylancePROTECTDriver-version.rpm
  3. Use the following command:
    zypper install CylancePROTECT.version.rpm CylancePROTECTUI.version.rpm
    If zypper warns you that the packages are not signed, you will need to ignore the warning and continue.