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Install the
CylancePERSONA Desktop

CylancePERSONA Desktop
CylancePROTECT Desktop
version 1574 or later.
  1. On the device, double-click the
    CylancePERSONA Desktop
    agent installer.
  2. Follow the installation steps.
    If you want to allow a third-party app such as
    Cisco AnyConnect
    to run before you log in, type the GUID for the app in the
    3rd Party App Whitelisting
    screen. You can find the GUID in the Registry in the Authentication folder.
  • The installer does not have any messaging about completing successfully. To check that the
    CylancePERSONA Desktop
    agent is installed:
    • Verify that the
      User Provisioning icon appears in the system tray.
    • Verify that the
      CylancePERSONA Desktop
      user appears in the
      Users list on the Assets page in the management console.
    • Use
      Task Manager and to verify that the CyPersona process is running.