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CylancePERSONA Desktop

Policy settings control what the
CylancePERSONA Desktop
agent will do on the device. You can create a new policy or edit an existing policy to change the
CylancePERSONA Desktop
In a policy, you set a minimum value for the user's trust score that will trigger a mitigation action. You can add up to two mitigation actions to a policy. The mitigation actions can be:
  • Prompt for username and password: The user is prompted to enter their username and password to access the device.
  • Prompt a second-factor challenge: The user must complete a two-factor authentication challenge to access the device.
    CylancePERSONA Desktop
    currently supports OTP authenticators and FIDO.
  • Alerts only: Requires no mitigation action by the user, while the agent sends the alert event to the console for evaluation.