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Setting up CylancePERSONA Desktop

Eight simple steps to enable CylancePERSONA Desktop and choose a mitigation action for devices

Policies tab with Device Policy option

1) Click Policies > Device Policy

Add New Policy button

2) Choose an existing device policy or create a new one

CylancePERSONA Settings tab and check box

3) On the CylancePERSONA Settings tab, select the CylancePERSONA check box

Add Mitigation Action button

4) Click Add Mitigation Action

User Trust Score field

5) Type a trust score threshold

If the user's score falls below this value, the selected mitigation action is triggered.

Based on the threshold you set here, CylancePERSONA will trigger a mitigation action to prompt a user to verify their identity. For example, you might prompt a user for multifactor authentication if their CylancePERSONA trust score drops to 30 or 40.

Select mitigation action drop-down menu

6) Choose a mitigation action

You can choose up to two mitigation actions. For more information, see Add a mitigation action.

An example of a mitigation action is Prompt for Username and Password. This would require a user to enter their username and password to access their device.

Submit and Save your Mitigation Action

7) Click Submit and save your changes

New policy added to Device Policy list

8) That's it! You have successfully enabled CylancePERSONA Desktop 

CylancePERSONA Desktop is enabled for any users that have the device policy assigned to them and have the CylancePERSONA Desktop agent installed on their desktop device.

For more information, see Add a mitigation action in the Cylance Endpoint Security Setup Guide.