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Resolve Mobile Threats with the CylancePROTECT Mobile App

Simple steps to resolve mobile threats

When the CylancePROTECT Mobile app detects a mobile threat on your device, you receive a device notification. The example below demonstrates how you can use the app to resolve some common security threats.


Protect app threat detected notification

1. You receive an alert that the CylancePROTECT Mobile app has detected a threat.

Protect app home page with Device Health button

2. Open the app and tap Device Health.

Device health page with Device security button

3. Tap Device Security to learn about the threats.

Screen lock disabled Fix button

4. The app has detected that a screen lock is not enabled.

To resolve the issue, tap FIX.

Screen Lock pop-up with Settings button

5. Tap Settings.

Choose a screen lock option

6. Choose a screen lock option and follow the instructions to set it.

Screen lock threat resolved

7. After you set a screen lock, the threat is resolved.

Developer options threat Fix button

8. The app also detected that developer mode is enabled. 

To resolve the issue, tap FIX.

Developer Options pop-up with Settings button

9. Tap Settings.

Turn off Developer options

10. Turn off Developer options.

Both threats now resolved

11. Both threats are now resolved.

For more information about resolving mobile threats, see the Cylance Endpoint Security User Guide.