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How to Create Custom Dashboards in the Management Console

Simple steps to visualize Cylance Endpoint Security data

The Cylance Endpoint Security dashboards offer helpful visualizations and statistical summaries of the data collected and analyzed by different Cylance Endpoint Security services. You can create your own custom dashboards by selecting from a list of available widgets.

Dashboard menu with Network and Protect Mobile PM options

1. Go to the Mobile Protection or Network page

In the management console, on the menu bar, click Dashboard > Mobile Protection or Dashboard > Network.

The button to add a dashboard

2. Click +

Drop down menu with Add new dashboard option

3. Click Add new dashboard

Add title and set up new dashboard

4. Set up your dashboard

If you want to start with a blank dashboard, click New dashboard. If you want the dashboard to have the default widgets from the Mobile Protection or Network dashboard, click that option.

Type a name for the dashboard and click Add

Test Dashboard page with Add widgets option

5. Click + > Add widgets

Test Dashboard with widgets panel

6. Explore the available widgets

From the widgets panel on the right side of the page, scroll through the widgets that you can add to your dashboard.

Drag widgets onto your dashboard

7. Drag widgets onto your dashboard

To remove a widget, hover over it and click Edit > Remove.

Resize the widgets

8. Resize the widgets

Click the bottom right corner of the widget and drag it to change the size of the widget. Widgets will be automatically moved around to fit onto the page.

Set up the rest of your dashboard

9. Repeat the process to fill up your dashboard

Thats it! You have now successfully created a custom dashboard in the management console.


10. To share a dashboard, click + > Share dashboard


11. Choose who you want to share the dashboard with


That's it

A shared dashboard can be accessed from the menu bar, click Dashboard > Name of shared dashboard

To learn more about the Cylance Endpoint Security management console and dashboards, see the Cylance Endpoint Security Administration Guide.