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What is
BlackBerry Spark

BlackBerry Spark
combines our trusted
solution with the latest UES technology so you can give your employees all the tools they need to be productive when working outside of the office while protecting your users, devices, and data from security threats.
BlackBerry Spark
offers several suites of products that will protect your valuable assets and improve productivity. Achieving both high security and high productivity requires Zero Trust security with a Zero Touch experience.
For many years,
Unified Endpoint Management (
) and its predecessors, including
, have been recognized by governments, corporations, and other organizations as the leading solution to manage employees' mobile devices and secure the important data on them. Today, organizations face a complex IT environment where employees use their own laptops, smartphones, and tablets to work remotely and organizations rely on cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions where vital applications and data are outside the firewall. At the same time, cyber threats are ever-more sophisticated and pervasive. Along with UEM, many organizations need advanced Unified Endpoint Security (UES) to detect and prevent cyber attacks.
Zero Trust means that users can't access anything on any device until they prove who they are, that their access is authorized, and that they, or malware apps on their device, are not acting maliciously. Users must continually earn this trust; entering a password or using two-factor authentication once is no longer enough. However, the true value of Zero Trust depends on whether it can also provide a positive experience for users. Organizations must find a balance between continuous threat protection and user productivity. If a Zero Trust environment produces excessive security hurdles and inconvenience for users, they will try to circumvent the system and render it useless.
Zero Touch delivers immediate productivity with instant access to your organization's resources without the regular interruptions caused by passwords, timeouts, special permissions, or multiple authentications. When Zero Trust solutions provide a path to Zero Touch, organizations get both the security they can trust to defend against cyber threats and a positive user experience that fosters productivity.