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Detect Malware When Deploying Android Apps From UEM

Scan hosted Android apps for malware

this image shows the checkbox for enablign malware scanning for apps uploaded to UEM

1. Turn on malware scanning for hosted apps

In Settings > BlackBerry Protect, click Enable malware scanning for apps uploaded to UEM.

2. Upload an app

Click Apps > Add an App > Internal apps. Browse to and upload the app that you want to distribute using UEM.

Tip: This screenshot shows adding an internal non-BlackBerry Dynamics app, but you can also add internal BlackBerry Dynamics apps, and add internal source files into a public BlackBerry Dynamics apps entitlement.

this image shows the app being scanned for malware

3. The app is scanned

The app hash is sent to the CylanceINFINITY cloud service. CylanceINFINITY analyzes the app files and generates a confidence score that it returns to UEM.

This image shows the warning when malware is detected by BlackBerry Protect

4. If malware is detected...

If the app is identified as malware, the app is automatically removed from the app list.

this image shows the settings of the verified safe file

5. If malware is not detected...

If the app is not identified as malware, it remains on the app list.

6. That’s it!

Now you know how to scan hosted Android apps for malware!

To learn more, see Detecting malware when deploying Android apps from BlackBerry UEM.