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What's new in
CylancePERSONA Mobile

New in this release (November 2020)

To support
CylancePERSONA Mobile
in an on-premises
BlackBerry UEM
domain, you must upgrade to
BlackBerry UEM
version 12.13 or later, and activated devices must be running the latest versions of the
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps and the
UEM Client
Display Training status for users
If a user's behavioral risk score is not available because
CylancePERSONA Mobile
has not completed a model of the user's typical behavior, "Training" is displayed for the behavioral risk status.
IP address risk engine
Administrators can now add trusted and untrusted IP addresses to the IP address risk engine, set risk levels for undefined and undetected IP addresses, and add actions to apply in a
BlackBerry Persona
User interface enhancements for app anomaly events
Administrators can now view and filter app anomaly risk scores and events in the Events and Users grids and detail views.

Fixed issues

The following issues are now fixed:
Persona Analytics Portal
might have been unavailable intermittently and administrators could not log in. (JI 2918686)
In some cases the WAN IP was not reported when a user launched a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app. (JI 2878565)
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps for
, when the user was prompted to allow or deny location permissions, a
CylancePERSONA Mobile
primer screen was displayed in the background. (JI 2906844)

Known issues

On some
devices, the prompt to allow
CylancePERSONA Mobile
to use location data is not aligned correctly. (JI 2908099)
If an organization has a large number of user groups in
, administrators cannot scroll through the list in when they select Assign to
group in a policy. (JI 2906497)
When a user is assigned the
CylancePERSONA Mobile
entitlement in
but does not have a policy assigned to them in the
Persona Analytics Portal
, multiple error messages are entered in the log files. (JI 2894334)
If you do not type enough characters when searching for a group in the
Persona Analytics Portal
, the search might not return the expected results. (JI 2877068)
: Type at least the first three characters of the group name that you are searching for.
If you create a new group in
, you must refresh your browser before the new group is visible in the
Persona Analytics Portal
, or wait at least 15 minutes for the portal cache to refresh. (JI 2875371)