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Using the analytics portal

You configure and manage
CylancePERSONA Mobile
using a browser-based console known as the
Persona Analytics Portal
administrators can use one of the following methods to access the portal:
  • Browse to
  • In the
    management console, on the menu bar, click
    > Analytics.
You use the
management console to enable
and to assign CylancePERSONA Mobile administrator roles to users. You perform all other configuration and management tasks in the portal.
By default, privacy mode is enabled in the portal to mask exact information about user locations from administrators. While enabled, the portal displays general location information for users and events instead of precise information such as a street address. Similarly, map views are zoomed out to provide accurate but non-intrusive location information. An administrator with the
administrator role can disable (or re-enable) privacy mode in Settings > General settings > Privacy mode (this action is written to the log file). Administrators with the
Analytics Administrator role cannot change the privacy mode.