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Define geozones

You can define geozones if you want to enforce specific security standards while users occupy those locations. For example, you can define a geozone for a certain office location and associate it with a low risk level. If a user is in that geozone, their risk level will be low regardless of how far it is from their learned geozones (the overall assessment is also impacted by the user's current identity risk assessment). When you define a geozone, you assign it a low, medium, or high risk level. When you configure a
BlackBerry Persona
policy, you can add a defined geozone that will take precedence over the regular geozone risk actions in the policy (see Create a BlackBerry Persona policy).
You can choose whether you want
CylancePERSONA Mobile
to use learned geozones when it determines a user's geozone risk level. For example, you can disable learned geozones and configure the service to take action based on whether the user is in one of several defined geozones. You can set a default action for users that are not in a defined geozone.
  1. In the
    Persona Analytics Portal
    , on the menu bar, click
    Settings > Geozones
  2. On the map pane, in the
    Add a geozone
    field, type a location (for example, a city). As you type, suggested locations are displayed. Click a suggested location to narrow the map view to that location.
    If a pin appears on the map, you can click it to see the options to draw a geozone.
  3. Use your mouse or the zoom in and zoom out buttons in the lower-right corner to scope your map view to the desired location.
    To switch to the
    Google Street View
    , drag and drop the Pegman icon at the bottom-right corner of the map pane to the desired location. If it's a valid location, blue lines will display on the streets while you drag the icon.
    To exit the view, click the back arrow icon in the top-left corner of the map pane. Note that the
    Google Street View
    is for information purposes only and cannot be used to define a geozone.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click The Radius icon. Click a point on the map and drag to expand the circle until it covers the desired area. Click again. Type a geozone name, select a risk level, and specify a radius in kilometers or miles.
    • Click The Polygon icon. Click a point on the map and drag to draw a line, then click again to set a new point. Repeat until you draw a polygon shape over the desired area. Close the shape by clicking the starting point again. Type a geozone name and select a risk level.
  5. Click