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Create user groups to define security standards for different risk levels

You must create and configure local
user groups that will determine security standards and device behaviors for the different risk levels or for specific geozones that you define. When you create a BlackBerry Persona policy, you will associate each group with one (or more) of the behavioral risk levels, learned geozone risk levels, or defined geozones. Configure each group with the
policies, profiles, app assignments, and roles that reflect the desired security standards for that level of risk or for that specific geozone. For example, you can create and configure a group for users with a high behavioral risk level. This group may include policies and profiles that are more restrictive and have greater security requirements than a group that is intended for low-risk users.
Repeat the following task for each group that you want to associate with one or more risk levels or defined geozones. Depending on how you want to configure your environment, you can create a different group for each risk level, you can use the same group for multiple risk levels, or you can choose to not require any action for certain risk levels or risk types (for example, you can choose to take action for geozone risk levels only and not take any action for behavioral risk).
  1. In the
    management console, on the menu bar, click
  2. Click  Add a user group icon.
  3. Type a name and description for the group.
  4. In the appropriate sections, click Add icon to assign user roles, IT policies and profiles, and apps that meet the security standards for the behavioral or geozone risk level that the group is intended for.
    You must assign the
    CylancePERSONA Mobile
    entitlement to each group. For more information, see CylancePERSONA Mobile software requirements.
  5. Click