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Add whitelisted or blacklisted IP addresses

If IP address risk factors are enabled, you must configure trusted and untrusted IP addresses. Trusted IP addresses are automatically treated as low risk, and untrusted IP addresses are treated as critical risk. You can specify the risk levels that are applied for undefined and undetected IP addresses.
You can add discrete IP addresses, IP address ranges, or use CIDR notation to include subnets.
If the same IP addresses are included in a trusted and untrusted IP address configuration, the trusted configuration takes precedence automatically and they are treated as low risk.
  1. In the
    Persona Analytics Portal
    , on the menu bar, click
    IP addresses
  2. On the
    IP address configuration
    page, do one of the following:
    1. To add whitelisted IP addresses, click the
      Trusted IP addresses
    2. To add blacklisted IP addresses, click the
      Untrusted lP addresses
  3. Click Add icon.
  4. In the Trusted IP addresses or Untrusted IP addresses dialog box, in the
    field, type a name for the list.
  5. In the IP addresses pane, enter a discrete IP address, an IP address range, or define a subnet using CIDR.
  6. Click